The general principle is completely satisfy every client
and constantly improve the quality and the safety of our products.
General information on sustainable development
We recognize the importance of preserving the planet for future generations.
We recognize the importance of preserving the planet for future generations. By reducing our plastic consumption and using renewable materials, we provide tomorrow for our children with clean air, fresh water and fertile land.
Caring for the environment
All technological processes and materials that we use strictly comply with environmental legislation and other regulations that ensure the conservation of the planet's resources for future generations. Caring for the environment is integral part of our corporate culture.
Reduced carbon footprint Less emissions into the atmosphere Ecological production
Sustainable use of natural resources Energy saving. Recycling of waste for non-food products. Responsible sources of raw materials
Care about people
The company's success is the result of daily work of each employee who invests their time, energy and soul into work. It is important for us that every employee comes to work with pleasure and left with a feeling of satisfaction with the results of his work. We do our best for our employees and contractors, taking care of their quality of life and health when performing production tasks.
Safe and comfortable working conditions Occupational Safety and Health. Safety engineering
Taking care of your health Healthy climate in the team Balance of work and personal time
Equal opportunity for all Work for candidates with disabilities opportunities. Training. Career growth
Care about society
Our mission is to benefit everyone who collaborates with our company and our products. We build honest and transparent relationships with suppliers of raw materials and do our best to our clients received the maximum benefit from using our products.
Consumer benefit Highest level of customer service
Private transactions Benefits for suppliers and contractors.
Honest relationships with partners
Changing the world for the better Expansion of the geography of supplies
Let's Pack is working hard to meet these goals year after year.
Paper based products are one of our core areas
of sustainable development.
Our mission is to benefit everyone who works
with our company and our products.
Benefits of paper products
Compostable and degradable materials - a solution that does not require special processing conditions while being produced from responsible and renewable sources of raw materials.

Our paper products are 100% biodegradable, compostable and meet the requirements of the European standard EN 13432 and the US standard ASTM D6400. Both specifications require a biodegradable / compostable product to completely decompose in a composting container within a specified time (usually 3-4 months), leaving no harmful residues.
The paper straws are completely biodegradable and compostable.
Modern technology of glue spraying makes it possible to achieve less than 2% of the glue composition in the product. The adhesive is also completely biodegradable.
Paper - saves the planet for future generations.
Paper is the next solution for a decade. Not all paper tubes are the same, but thanks to the expertise, ours became no worse than polypropylene ones at this is devoid of its shortcomings.
100% recyclable material
Contrary to popular belief, polypropylene is also 100% recyclable. The polypropylene recycling process includes collection, sorting, cleaning and direct processing.
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Recycled polypropylene is typically used to make pellets
that are then reused in factories to make plastic items.
Recycling polypropylene
We recognize the importance of preserving the planet for future generations.
For recycling, it is important to separate polypropylene from other polymers. This can be done by using a material property such as specific gravity. It differs from the specific gravity of other polymers and is 0.93-0.95 g/cm3. Therefore, when all other plastics sink, this plastic may end up on the surface. Also, polymers can be separated from each other due to different melt flow indices.