Food packaging
with care for the future

We are scrupulous about packaging production because we
believe it is important for the well-being of the planet
and future generations. We extend this pod to any detail,
down to the paper tubes.
Products are certified,
safe for the environment and humans
Caring for the environment is part of our corporate culture
Paper is the next solution for a decade. Not all paper tubes are the same, but thanks to the expertise, ours became no worse than polypropylene ones at this is devoid of its shortcomings.
We recognize the importance of preserving planets for future generations. Reducing plastic consumption and using renewable materials we provide tomorrow for our children clean air, fresh water and fertile land.
Raw materials
of the responsible
All technological processes and materials that we use strictly comply with environmental legislation and other regulations that ensure the conservation of planetary resources for future generations.
Responsible forest management
The group is a responsible forest user. The company is a leader in voluntary forest certification - leased forest areas of 7.9 million hectares are certified according to the Forest Stewardship Council standards